1913 Nickel

January 15, 2009

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel is highly valuable.  The reason for this is due to the fact that were not “officially” produced by the United States mint.  In other words, there is no record that they were ever produced.  Yet, there are 5 known existing 1913 Liberty Head Nickels.

The year 1913 is the first year that the Buffalo Head nickel was produced (Feb of 1913 to be exact).  Therefore the Buffalo Head from 1913 is also valuable to collectors, especially if found in uncirculated condition.  Although, it is no where near as valuable as the previous Liberty head coin.  One of these Liberty Head nickels sold for nearly $3 million dollars in 2003!

The buffalo nickel of 1913 is also rare though.  The initial minting of the coin was not done properly.  The words “5 Cents” were actually raised slightly higher than the rest of the coin; which left it open to additional wear and tear when compared to the rest of the coin.  Therefore, any specimens that are found from this time period typically have the dates faded or completely gone.

Values for the 1913 Nickel

  • 1913 Variety 1 (Words “Five Cents” are raised) – $4.50
  • 1913 Variety 2 (Words “Five Cents” are recessed) – $4.50
  • 1913 D Variety 1 – $6.50
  • 1913 D Variety 2 – $50
  • 1913 S Variety 1 – $16
  • 1913 S Variety 2 – $120

These values of worth reflect average coins.  Those that are found in jars, in circulation, or otherwise.  Uncirculated or high grade coins from this year may be worth 10 times what is listed here. Values based on prices at: buffalo nickel values.

So, if you can find a 1913 Indian Head nickel with the words “Five Cents” on them, then you have found yourself a nice little collectible.  In a previous article, we discussed how to figure out how much your Buffalo Head nickels might be worth.

If you would like to see what current coins are selling for in that era, we have included some listings below that are live and available for you to browse or make purchases should you desire.

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