1915 Nickel

January 23, 2009

The 1915 Buffalo Nickel is a great coin.  Also called the Indian Head Nickel, this coin is rich in history.  Although there are other nickels worth more, this one can be valued at many times its face value.  The prices below are for the three mints of the 1914 nickel. They reflect a coin that is just average in condition (found in a jar, mixed lot, or in circulation).  Coins in very good condition will be worth several time more.

Value of 1915 Nickel

  • 1915 Nickel – $2.50 (20,986,220 Circulation Strikes)
  • 1915 D – $8.50 (7,569,000 Circulation Strikes)
  • 1915 S – $18.00 (1,505,000 Circulation Strikes)

Source: About.com and Coincommunity.com

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