What is your Buffalo Nickel Worth?

January 15, 2009

Buffalo Nickels have become very collectible coins.  They were in mint from the period of 1913 to 1938.  It was still common to find a buffalo nickel (misspelled buffalo nickle) in circulation commonly into the 1970s.  However, as they became more rare; more collectors wanted them, and hence it became even more difficult to find one of these nickels in circulation from that time on.

The value of your buffalo nickel (also know as the Indian Head Nickel) is dependent upon many factors such as the mint year, type, and of course the quality of the coin.  The mint engraving was changed a few times during those years and therefore some years are much more valuable than others.  For example in 1938, there was a mistake in the mintage made and the buffalo on the front of the coin actually only has three legs.

The best place to go to determine the book value of your coin is: PCGS Pricing Guide.

While this guide is a good starting value.  You can also look at what the actual sales price of some of these Nickels are.  One of the most active market places for buying and selling rare coins is eBay.  Below you will find a listing of current Buffalo Nickels for sale.

So, when trying to determine how valuable your nickel is, take a look at what people are actually paying for it.  Now you know what you might be able to get for it, should you decide to sell it.  Again remember that values vary greatly depending on condition, year, and other factors.  However, this will give you a good place to start when trying to determine what your buffalo nickel is worth.

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